Well, it didn’t take me long to dive right back into startups! The year thus far has been the whirlwind of projects.

ParaTweet, for one, is a fun ongoing project, and always a good place to spend a few weeks coding out new ideas. We had a very neat event in the spring in which we were used for a Volkswagen marketing event unveiling the new Jetta in Times Square. What a blast! We had a great time building out some new functionality for them, and the one and only Man in Blue, Cameron Adams, did some great visualization work.

Meanwhile, I also gradually ramped up my involvement with a startup project, Websolr. My friend and fellow UCSD alumni Kyle had approached me last fall to help do some infrastructure work. In the spring I started dipping my toes in to help build the next generation Websolr infrastructure, completely automated with Chef and some custom provisioning tools.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve ramped up to a full co-founder!

Being a bootstrapped startup is a fantastic learning experience, and very gratifying for a jack of all trades such as myself. These days I find myself doing anything from handling sales and bizdev calls, to developing customer-facing features, writing documentation and handling support, and maintaining servers.