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Head-first back into startup-land!

Published almost 4 years ago by Nick Zadrozny.

Well, it didn't take me long to dive right back into startups! The year thus far has been the whirlwind of projects.

ParaTweet, for one, is a fun ongoing project, and always a good place to spend a few weeks coding out new ideas. We had a very neat event in the spring in which we were used for a Volkswagen marketing event unveiling the new Jetta in Times Square. What a blast! We had a great time building out some new functionality for them, and the one and only Man in Blue, Cameron Adams, did some great visualization work.

I also picked up a fun new project with a few friends of mine. Taneezy is a site that sells high quality, customizable pre-made marketing materials for small business owners in a somewhat design-challenged industry. Designer Daniel Tyack produces some great work, and salon owner Danielle Suriano has been the industry brains.

Meanwhile, I also gradually ramped up my involvement with a startup project, Websolr. My friend and fellow UCSD alumni Kyle Maxwell had approached me last fall to help do some infrastructure work. In the spring I started dipping my toes in to help build the next generation Websolr infrastructure, completely automated with Chef and some custom provisioning tools.

Fast forward a few months and I've been ramped up to a full co-founder! Being a bootstrapped startup is a fantastic learning experience, and very gratifying for a jack of all trades such as myself. These days I find myself doing anything from handling sales and bizdev calls, to developing customer-facing features, writing documentation and handling support, and maintaining servers.

Better than Boilerplate!

Published over 4 years ago by Nick Zadrozny.

First of all, welcome! What you are witnessing here is a redesign that is evolving in place. It's a practice-what-you preach moment for me, a web designer, who claims to be all about Agile development.

One of the most important design and development philosophies that I adhere to is that of releasing early and often. Too many projects get mired down in the details, when they should be getting their broad concepts out the door quickly to see what's really going to work.

So here you have a freshly laid-out site, with only lightly-edited content, and no real style or branding to speak of. As time progresses, you can expect to see more detail in my portfolio and project writeups.

I've also got a series of blog posts in various states of draft just waiting to get published. Over the next few months, I'll be publishing a series of articles covering all sorts of web development related subjects, from technical tips and tricks to general and reviews of—and rants on—various project management methodologies.

In the mean time, feel free to get in touch via email or Twitter if you have any questions or comments. I'm also happy to take requests for specific web development subjects you'd like to see covered here. And thanks again for your visit!

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